Jaybird X4: A Thorough Review

Everybody needs a solid pair of earphones. They can either be old school wired or wireless via Bluetooth. Two factors here are of vital importance: sound and build quality. Everything else is second in line, even the looks.

Whenever I go to the gym I have to listen to music during my workout. It is essential.  For me Bluetooth earphones are the way to go in the gym. Their advantages over wired ones are clear and need no explanation. For some months I have been looking for new earphones to replace my aging Razor Bluetooth ones. They were disappointing to say the least. As with most things I start to read reviews and compare dozens of different earphones online. This goes on for weeks and months, to the point where I get tired of looking and I am about to buy just any.

This shows the packaging of the Jaybird X4 earphones - when opened.
This is what you see when you open the Jaybird X4 box for the first time.

I got an email out of the blue, introducing the new Jaybird X4. I had a quick look at them and it all seemed to fit – specs, battery life, sound, looks and price. The prices wasn’t bad either, 115 euros!  I previously owned a pair of Bluetooth Jaybirds two years ago and they kept falling out of my ears as they were too heavy. That is why I was skeptical to begin with. Nevertheless, I was fed up of looking for Bluetooth earphones so I went for it and bought them out right.

Packaging and what is in the box

A couple of days later they finally arrived. Straight out of the box I looked at them and at first feared they would have the same issues as my previous Jaybirds. This is exactly what happened when I tried to use them for the first time. The earfins that were attached just did not fit my ears and as a result I was not impressed. I feared I had bought a useless product.

This shows what comes in the box, when you buy the Jaybird x4s.
As you can see this is what comes with the box. A little bag (carrying pouch) in which you can store the earphones, charging cable, shirt clip and extra earplugs and ear fins.

However, I wasn’t going to give in that quickly! I noticed that there were some additional foam earplugs in the box and some smaller earfins. I exchanged them and to my surprise the Jaybird X4 did fit perfectly. Not only did they fit, but they finally managed to stay in my ears! I was relieved.

My first Experience with the Jaybirds X4s

I have been using the Jaybird X4s for more than 3 weeks now, from Monday to Friday for two hours daily in the gym. They fit so well that when I take one earphone out to listen to someone, the other one stays in my ear – without falling out! This is quite surprising and a huge advantage as you do not have to take both out when chatting to someone.

Battery life: How long do the Jaybird X4s last?

Usually I am in the gym for about an hour and a half to 2 hours. In that time 25% of the battery gets used. So in total you will get about 4 days of usage out of it. That’s about 6 hours. What I have noticed is that the Jaybird app will tell you that you have 30 percent of battery left, when in reality you only have 20 percent left. As you can see the battery life is ok, but not great.

A huge benefit is the speed charging, which has helped me countless times. A 10 minute charge will give you about an hour of usage.

This shows how the Jaybirds X4 look, on a bench in the gym.
I take them with me when ever I go to the gym. The little bag, protects the Jaybird X4s very well. I just throw in my gym bag and I do not have to worry if they get damaged.

Sound: How good is their main function?

Now this is a difficult one. I have seen a major improvement to my previous Jaybirds and my Razor earphones. Within the Jaybird app you can select several different audio profiles or even create your own one. The difference is noticeable that is for sure. So far I have had no issue with the sound quality, but I cannot say that this would serve all these audiophiles out there! I would say that sometimes the sound seems a little too quiet and I believe it could be a little louder with more beat for example. In general you should have no issues and the sound is good, and will certainly do for your everyday usage.

Build Quality: Are the Jaybirds solid?

The build quality is great. They are solid and come with a little bag, which protects them when you throw them in your gym bag. The cable has a strong and grippy surface and as a result the earphones will stick to your neck or skin when you move around. To avoid this I started wearing them with the cable in front and therefore the cable does not touch my neck. Another advantage is that these Jaybirds are waterproof. I wouldn’t swim with them, but you do not have to worry about them when you get sweaty.

The Jaybird earphones lying next to a coffee - for size comparison.
A size comparison. The Jaybird X4s are pretty small, but big enough to have something in your hands.

My Overall Experience after 3 weeks:

I have to say that overall my experience with the Jaybird X4s has been a positive one. For about 115 Euros you get solid, well-built Bluetooth earphones that deliver what they promise! You get good sound and robust earphones that stay in your ears no matter what kind of sport you are into. So far I had no issues with connectivity or Bluetooth. You will stay connected as long as you are 6-8 meters in range. If you should have any questions or thoughts, please let me know and contact me here!


  • Great Build and Quality
  • They fit very well and stay in your ears
  • Good Sound Quality


  • Battery life could be better.

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