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ridge wallet

The Ridge Wallet:

For several years I had one of these minimalist wallets, mainly for the simple reason that it saved a lot of space in my pocket. Before that I used to have a normal wallet like everyone else. It was bulky and I carried around loads of stuff that I did not actually need. Plus having a massive bulky wallet in my trousers front pocket always looked pretty weird. After having used the Nomadic Minimalist wallet for over two years, I finally wanted to try something new. The only one downside it had, it wasn’t very sturdy. As a result my credit and debit cards all got worn out and damaged with time. That is when I started looking for a replacement that would have the same advantages, but also protected my credit and debit cards from being worn out.

The Ridge Wallet comes in a nice box along with a screwdriver that helps you to change parts if the need should arrive. For example if some parts should be damaged or worn out.

While surfing the web I came across the Ridge Wallet. At first I thought it was just another minimalist wallet, but upon closer inspection it had a few other advantages. One of them is the fact that the Ridge Wallet blocks RFID (wireless theft) and it is built to last. Another reason was the fact that it protected its content through its sturdy build. According to their site it can hold up to 12 cards. It can either feature a money clip or an elastic strap on the back. I went for the Titanium Burnt version with the money clip. It is made from Grade 5 Titanium and has been hand torched & hardened. I paid a whopping 105 USD plus delivery of 20 USD for this wallet. But there are cheaper options on the website. I received it pretty quickly as I paid alot for the delivery.

The back of the Ridge Wallet, with the money clip. I chose this version as it seemed more durable than the elastic strap.

First Impressions of the unusual Wallet

The Ridge Wallet comes in a nice box along with a screwdriver that helps you to change parts if the need should arrive. For example if some parts should be damaged or worn out. It looks really great and the first time you have it in your hand you realise that it is pretty small. The wallet is slightly bigger than your average credit card. It seems to be bulky at first, but you need  to get used to it. Once you have used it for a while it feels just great, and knowing that it protects your cards against theft (wireless theft), is an extra bonus.

Here a side view of the Ridge Wallet. It can hold up too 12 cards, according to their website.

The advantages of the Ridge Wallet

If you are looking for a sturdy, good looking and minimalistic wallet then the Ridge Wallet is the way forward. The version I choose is expensive but it is worth the money as it looks great. As mentioned before, there are different versions with less expensive options but with all the advantages. I had no option to check if the Ridge Wallet really protects against wireless theft, but I believe it does, for now at least.

The disadvantages

The only disadvantage I came across is the fact that my version (Titanium Burnt) scratches really easily, although it is supposedly made out of Titanium. I also miss a little slot where I can store coins or just store something little. I knew this was not available before I bought it though. It would have been a great addition though.

If you look closely you can see the scratches that have accumulated over time. According to their site, my version of the Ridge Wallet is made from Titanium.

This unusual Wallet easily deserves a 9/10. The quality is outstanding and it just looks amazing too. I would recommend the Ridge Wallet if you want a sturdy minimalistic wallet that will last.

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  • Very sturdy and built to last
  • Blocks RFID (wireless theft)
  • Looks very good


  • Expensive
  • Scratches easily

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