The Morning Recovery Drink – Is It worth it?

morning recovery drink

I went out last week for a few drinks and woke up the next day feeling like death. Then I remembered I had only had 4 – 5 pints of beer and I immediately felt embarrassed. Nevertheless, I still felt terrible for at least a few hours. My Saturday was gone, wasted because of a few drinks the night before.

Fast forward a few days when I saw the ad for the “Morning Recovery Drink”. I had already read about the drink months ago, but never gave it a second thought. Now it all made sense as I was going to travel to my old university city, the beautiful city of Bath, so I thought I would give it a try. I was only going to stay four short days so I did not want to spend a day or two recovering and feeling terrible. As you probably have experienced yourself, once you meet your old friends – it gets messy! I bought 6 bottles for a whopping 50 Euros! They even arrived on time and therefore I could take them on my trip.

What arrived in the box?

6 bottles – 100 ml each. Quite heavy for such a little box, and a pretty big package, as you can see in the pictures.

The box, straight after delivery. As mentioned before, it was pretty heavy, something I did not expect.

What did the Morning Recovery Drink taste like and did it work?

So I arrived in Bath on Friday the first of June early in the morning. Clearly too early for drinks. The evening came around quickly and I was off meeting old friends and the drinks were plenty. I went home at around 12 am, very early I know but my friends were lame. I had some 5 beers and one or two Jameson and one Ginger Ale. As I arrived in my hotel room I chucked down my first ever “Morning Recovery Drink”. It is recommended to take the drink directly after you have had a heavy drinking night out, just before you go to bed. The “Morning Recovery Drink” claims to replace all the nutrients that you flush out with alcohol and therefore avoids harsh hangovers.

There they are. A pack of 6 bottles, carefully packed so they would arrive safe and sound.

It tasted like it said it would. Peachy and slightly salty – that’s it. Just like a mild Ice Tea would. Did it work? Yes, it did! I did not feel hungover in the slightest! I was surprised. There was no headache, no feeling of being totally drained or that dry throat you would usually have after a heavy night out. Now if you are a heavy coma drinker the results may of course differ. 🙂

This is how an individual bottle looks like. My hand for size comparison. You know what they say about big hands right? 🙂

My thoughts and if it was worth buying the “Morning Recovery Drink”

As it did really work, I would recommend it. It can avoid the terrible morning after. The only thing that might put me off buying another batch, is the price. In total, I paid 50 Euros for 6 bottles – and that is a lot of money. The 6 bottles cost 30 Euros and the delivery cost another 20 Euros. That seems a lot considering it was delivered from the UK to my home in Ireland. I cannot imagine that it would cost that much to send those 6 100ml bottles to Dublin. Inside the delivery box was a print out which said that the bottles cost only 18 USD in total. As a result, I feel completely ripped off!

After two heavy nights out in Bath (United Kingdom) I was happy I had some help.

So if you want to give it a try, by all means do. If it helps and you are able to avoid these terrible, long lasting and memorable hangovers, then it is worth it. I believe that the price I paid is way too high. If you can get 6 bottles for 18 USD then it is absolutely worth it. However, I would not pay a total of 50 Euros for 6 bottles again. What do you think? Want to contact me? Please click here and I will try to reply as fast as I can.


  • It tastes Good
  • It works!


  • Very Expensive

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