Blakely Clothing Co. – Men’s Shirts – Are they worth it?

Due to the weather being extremely hot here in Ireland I had to get some shirts. Usually, you wouldn’t really need them as the Summers here aren’t really that hot or long. Until now I had only owned two shirts. I wanted some new good quality and good looking shirts. I had been to all the retail stores in town and I wasn’t really impressed with any of their stock.

The Blakely Clothing Shirts:

Most looked really low quality and they weren’t cheap at all. I had seen ads for Blakely Clothing Co. on Facebook and Instagram several times, but I was very reluctant to buy from them. Mainly because I had never heard of them before, nor did I trust buying clothes online without trying them on.

This is the light grey version called the “Oxford Stripe”. Also very comfortable but no stretch material, on the other hand you do not need to iron it.

As I could not find anything locally I gave Blakely Clothing Co. a try. On closer inspection of their website I noticed that they did actually look very nice, but turned out to be pricey. The cost is around 35-36 quid for one shirt!! Nevertheless, I needed new shirts and so I bought two to try them out. One shirt was grey, the “Oxford Stripe” and the other dark navy blue, called the “Navy Marley Point”.

This is the dark navy blue shirt called the “Navy Marley”. It is very comfortable and you can stretch it with ease.

The Shirts finally arrived

I did not have high hopes for the shirts, but I would know soon enough if it was worth it. The package arrived and I finally had the opportunity to try them on. The first thing I noticed was the quality and oh boy was I impressed. The shirts were made out of top quality materials as each shirt was made of thick and sturdy linen. According to their website they are made out of “ 99% Cotton 1% Polyester”. These are not your average shirts. After I tried them on I can say that the fit was awesome – back and front. I got them in Size “L” and so they were not too snug or too tight. If you want them tight and matching your shape then I would recommend you take them a size smaller than usual.

This is how the shirts arrived, nothing too fancy but it did the job. I did wash the shirts before putting them on for the first time.

Overall the shirts are made out of top quality materials and the cut and shape are very good. The buttons are neatly attached and the sewing lines are very good. I’ve noticed that because they are made of thicker materials you do not necessarily need to iron them once dry. This is especially true with the light grey shirt and this is a huge advantage. I usually dread ironing my shirts and try to avoid it at all costs. This was a pleasant surprise!

Blakely Clothing
As you can see from the image above, the shirt is well made and the materials are of very good quality. The shirt is slightly thicker than your normal shirt.

My Experience and Verdict with the Blakely Shirts

Well guys what can I say? I am more than  impressed with my purchase and I could not have imagined that the shirts would turn out to be so good. We all know that buying over the internet, without trying clothes on, can be very adventurous. Due to the quality, look and fit, I would highly recommend a shirt purchase from Blakely Clothing Co.

Again the quality of both shirts is outstanding, nice thick materials were being used to make the shirts. Both should last and not easily wash out after several washes.

The shirts actually resemble the ones on the photos of the website. Further, the colours look like on the website. The linen-like material/fabric makes them slightly heavier than normal shirts. They are sturdy enough to last a while and fit very well. Even after several rounds in the washing machine the shirts hold up really well. The fabric remains it’s quality and the fit of the shirt, and buttons and stitching lines stay in place. If you guys should have any questions, please do not hesitate and contact me here.


  • Great Quality – which is not something usual these days!
  • They fit well
  • They look even better


  • Expensive

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12 Replies to “Blakely Clothing Co. – Men’s Shirts – Are they worth it?

  1. I also bought a shirt following the guidelines and it needs to be 2 sizes smaller to even be my fit.

    Made from good material yes, but would not recommend for a summer ‘cool’ shirt as they are thick. I literally didnt need a jacket in October when wearing this shirt.

  2. Hi Chris,
    thank you for the comment. Indeed they are very warm due to the material being very thick. Hope you like it though!

  3. In real life, the clothing from Blakely looks nothing like on their website/Instagram. They look much cheaper. This can be seen in your photos… compare the one on their website and your photos. Totally different color, different buttons…

    1. Hi Alex, I found the quality to be very good. I would recommend them. There will always be a slight difference between website and the real product. Thank you for your feedback though.

  4. Ik ben zelf 1.96m..dus behoorlijke gozer en heb lange armen en redelijk breed bovenlichaam.
    Welk maat zou je adviseren L of XL.

    1. Hi Gio,

      thank you for your comment. It is difficult to say, if you want a tight fit then go for L. If you want a more loose fit then go for XL. You can see from that pictures that I was wearing L and I am 1.85cm. Let me know how it goes. More than happy to answer any questions.

  5. To add, again looking at the navy Marley shirt. The buttons are a completely different colour to what’s advertised on their website.
    For me that detail would want to make me purchase the shirt, did they explain why this was not the case? Is the description in the small print that slight amendments could be made? False advertising imo.

  6. Hi Andy,
    I haven’t really noticed the different buttons, only when people started mentioning it. I am not sure about the small print but the shirt is still great, especially the quality is outstanding. I would recommend it. BTW a new Blakely clothing review is in the works… 🙂

  7. Hoi,

    ik zou graag een jas van Blakely willen kopen (het gaat om de jas ”The Naarden”) maar je weet nooit of hij goed past en aangezien ik in Nederland woon is dat een probleem met evntueel retour kosten. iemand advies?

    1. Hey Jesse,

      thank you for the request – what size are you? You can always send it back, that shouldn’t be a problem. Make sure it fits tight and well. I hope this helps.

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