Blakely Clothing Co – A Review of the “Newport Denim Jacket”

Shortly after I bought the Blakely Clothing Co. – Men’s Shirts, I was in need of a jacket. I wanted something not too expensive, good looking, light and easy to wear. After my review of the Blakely Clothing Shirts proved to be very popular and I was impressed with their quality, I then decided to give their jackets a go. 

I chose to buy their black coloured version of the Newport Denim Jacket. On the outside it has denim material and the inside is covered with synthetic fur. I can tell you this will keep you warm at all times.

Quality of the Blakely Clothing Co – Newport Denim Jacket

As I had expected the quality of the jacket is very good. The outside is made of rigid denim material. The buttons are also well placed and solid. Once you have worn them several times you will be able to open or close the jacket easier.  

A beautiful front view of the Blakely Clothing Co - Newport Denim Jacket
Here you can see how the Newport Denim Jacket looks from the front.
A view from the side, showing more details of the denim jacket.
Another side-view – clearly showing the denim material.
A backview of the Newport Denim Jacket.
The back of the jacket clearly shows the Blakley Clothing Logo.

The Fit and functionality of the Newport Denim Jacket!

The fit is great, I ordered the “L” version, so make sure you choose the right size. The pockets are well placed but a little odd as they have a triangular shape. That way there is little space towards the bottom of the pocket. I wouldn’t really put my phone in them as it would probably fall out or be stolen easily. Depending on the size of your hand, they will fit with no issues. 

In this close-up you can clearly see the denim material and the size of the buttons.
Here is another close-up showing the front left pocket.

What the jacket lacks is a pocket on the inside, where I would want to put my keys or wallet. This is a real bummer, as I always like to have a pocket there. I think this is a crucial feature this jacket is lacking. For safety reasons everybody would want to put their valuables there.

The Overall experience with the Newport Denim Jacket  

The Blakely Clothing Co – Newport Denim Jacket is a great jacket, especially for the price of about 75 GBP/ 85 Euros. The materials are solid and durable and the fit is also good. The Newport Denim Jacket is the kind of jacket you would use when going to a club or pub. It is cold outside and you are just wearing a t-shirt and you want to nip out to meet your friends. The synthetic fur will keep you warm and sometimes maybe a little too warm. The lack of a pocket on the inside is a draw down and the other pockets could be a little bigger!

A close-up view of the Newport Denim Jacket from Blakley Clothing.
A close-up view from behind shows the detail and the quality of the jacket.

Overall, I would recommend this jacket. You will get a good looking jacket made with durable materials for an affordable price. It will keep you warm at all times and it fits really well too. If you should have any questions please do not hesitate and contact me via the contact section!

I made a short video in order to provide more detail: Here you can see the Newport Denim Jacket from Blakely Clothing Co in all its glory.


  • Great material
  • Affordable Price
  • Very Durable
  • Very warm
  • Looks good and fits well


  • No pocket on the inside
  • The pockets are in a weird triangular shape and do not provide much space towards the bottom of the pocket. This makes it difficult to store your mobile phone in the pocket – it can easily fall out.

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