The Nuud Deodorant – A Review


I recently came across the Nuud deodorant, while browsing Facebook. As you can see those annoying little ads do work 🙂 I had been looking for a new deodorant for a while, as I wasn’t too happy with my last one. Furthermore, I am always very picky with my choice of deodorants, which can complicate the search. The deodorants I usually chose have to be without toxic ingredients and aluminium, at best natural and organic. My most recent deodorant was aluminium free, but had other doubtful ingredients in it. Therefore, I chose to give the Nuud deodorant a go.

I ordered it online and within a few days it had arrived. I was very skeptical, as according to their claims users would only need to use the Nuud deodorant once a day and after a while every other day. To be honest I did not know what to expect. 

First usage of the Nuud deodorant

According to Nuud you are supposed to only use a pea size amount on one finger and then apply it in each of your armpits. I did so and to start off with, it seemed very strange. I have never had a deodorant which you had to smear onto your armpits with your fingers! 

The two Nuud bottles on the left are the 15ml versions. The one on the far right is the 20ml version.

The Nuud deodorant has the consistency of a normal moisturiser or lotion, and the scent is slightly similar to the scent of fresh paint! Not that the smell has anything to do with its usage or effect as a deodorant, but it is worth a mention. In contrast to other deodorants the Nuud deodorant does not try to mask or overpower the smell of your body odor with perfume instead it aims to neutralize it. 

In short, Nuud deodorant destroys the bacteria that makes your sweat smell bad. You will still sweat as usual, for example when you exercise, but you will not smell as bad. The unpleasant body odor will not occur and persist. This takes a lot of worrying out of the equation and makes you far more relaxed as you do not have to worry constantly. 

Does the Nuud deodorant work?

I have been using the Nuud deodorant for several weeks now and I have to say that it actually works very well. I will elaborate on this in more detail, so please stick with me. Before using Nuud, I always took my deodorant with me, especially when I went to the gym or to work. Normally, I would use deodorant in the morning and then again during the day, just in case. I always feared smelling bad in public areas or at work. The old deodorant itself was very bulky and I always needed to carry it around in an extra bag, not to mention the toxic ingredients I was putting on my armpits and sweat glands. 

Here you can see the packaging of the double 20ml version on the left and the “black” single 15ml version. They all have the exact same ingredients only the colour of the packaging is different.

Nuud on the other hand claims to be 100% natural and even the tube it comes in, is 100% recyclable, as it is made of sugar cane. The tube itself is tiny and it only holds 15ml of the Nuud product in it. This is great in terms of size but I believe it is also its greatest weakness. 

How to apply and use the Nuud deodorant

Every morning before I go out, I apply two pea sized portions, one on each arm pit. I basically smear it from the top of the armpit to the bottom as recommended by Nuud. That is it! 

I used Nuud during my heavy gym sessions and yes you still sweat, which is important, but that gross smell is gone and it stays away. Even throughout the day, I have no worries in regards to smelling bad. I also have to give a shout out to the guys at Nuud, for their packaging, it is fantastic! I love the design and its application. 

The only thing I would criticise is the size of the Nuud bottle. Filled with only 15ml of the Nuud lotion, this seems very little to me for a unit price of 12.99 Euros (with delivery included). I know they claim that one bottle will last for 6 weeks, but this means you would have to buy approximately 8 bottles a year. This isn’t really that great in terms of the environment and costs. 

My advice to Nuud would be to ditch the 15ml version and introduce a 30ml version. This would be more economical and also really help the environment as less waste would be created. I am sure the profit wouldn’t be affected too much either. I am aware of the possibility to purchase a pack of two 20ml tubes, but this would set you back by 24.95 Euros! 

My Overall Experience with Nuud 

If you want an organic deodorant that actually works, then I would recommend using the Nuud deodorant. I was pleasantly surprised at how good it actually works!  As mentioned before, you just have to apply a tiny amount of it and it lasts all day. I even noticed after showering it still seems to work. The price is steep yes, but it is organic and it works!

If you have any questions please let me know. I am more than happy to help. You can contact me directly through the contact section here!


  • Organic
  • 100 % Natural
  • It actually works
  • Fully recyclable and natural packaging


  • Expensive

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