The Giovanni Galli Winter Coat – A Review


It’s this time of year again, when it is cold and windy outside. I have been using my last coat for over 10 years and therefore a new one was desperately needed. 

What was I looking for in a new coat? I kept asking myself this question over and over again. As you may or may not know, I am very picky. It had to look good, have style, be of good quality and I wanted it to be either navy blue or black. Another condition was the price. It should not be overly expensive either.

The Giovanni Galli Winter Coat
The coat from the front, back and the side, showing the coat in more detail.

Finding the right Winter coat – a steep road!

I looked at coats in Zara, Pull Bear, Massimo Dutti and other clothing stores but none seemed to fulfill the conditions. Either the coats were not of good quality or they did not look good on me. I did find a very nice one at the Massimo Dutti store. It was beautiful, light navy blue in colour and fulfilled all my requirements. Unfortunately, they did not have it in my size – as per usual! 

Giovanni Galli Winter Coat
Full view of the coat and the inside showing the pockets as well as the sleeves.

In a slight mood I trotted off and wandered into the Giovanni Galli store. To my surprise, I found a coat that looked good, was affordable and of good quality. After trying on several coats that did not fit me, my luck had finally turned and I decided to buy the Giovanni Galli dark blue coat for 199 Euros. 

Wearing the Giovanni Galli Winter Coat 

It had the right size, the shoulders and back fit perfectly and when buttoned up, the sides looked good too. The arm length was perfect and it has several pockets with zippers on the inside. This is a huge advantage and stops you from losing things.

A closer view showing how the buttons are hidden within the coat – once closed they are not visible from the front.

One of the most important features of a good coat is its weight. Many people seem to forget this. The last thing you want is a heavy coat weighing you down. This one was lightweight, yet sturdy and warm enough. It was also longer in length, measuring just above my knees. This means my behind will be kept warm as well. My previous coat was not this long and I remembered to change this in the future.

A close up of the buttons on the front and of the front pocket. Here you can see the fabric in better detail.

The coat is made of 60% Wool, 30% Polyester and 10% other fibres. It is about a centimetre thick and after using it for a few weeks I can say it keeps you warm and no wind gets through.

Overall experience with the Winter Coat

So far I can say the coat from Giovanni Galli is a great one. With me being 1.85 m tall, it looks and fits great. I chose size 52 to make sure it fits well. The quality is outstanding and I really do like having several pockets on each side of the coat. The buttons are nicely hidden when buttoned up while the length of the coat keeps my behind warm.

Here you can see the buttons on the sleeves. They are nicely placed and look very good.

It has to be said that this coat is more suited for the mild winters in the South of Europe. I wouldn’t recommend it if you live in Norway or places that have severe winters with loads of snow. Also it wouldn’t be suited for very wet and rainy weather either. It fits perfectly for situations such as going to the office or going into town for a night out. This coat has a timeless cut. It can be dressed up or down to fit your style. It looks casual with sneakers but it is still elegant enough to be worn with a suit and leather loafers. 

The Giovanni Galli dark blue winter coat in all its glory! Beautiful isn’t it?

Overall, I would recommend this coat, it is one of the best ones I have had so far. The only thing I would change if I could, is the size of the collar. It should be bigger in order to provide more protection for your neck on windy days.  

If you have any questions regarding the coat, please do not hesitate and contact me through the contact section.


  • Great quality
  • Looks good
  • Very light
  • Pockets on both sides


  • Dust and hair magnet

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