The LARQ Pitcher – A Review

Larq pitcher

I had my eye on the LARQ pitcher ever since it was announced on Kickstarter – back then, after its release, it was only available in the USA. It took a while for the pitcher to be available in the EU. A few months ago I purchased this baby, on offer, for 104 Euros. Meanwhile, it costs around 168 Euros without the monthly subscription. With the subscription, it will initially cost you around 135 Euros and you get a new filter sent out to you every two months for an additional 28 Euros. 

I used to buy a pack of Volvic water every week, which wasn’t too bad in itself. The only thing that bothered me was the trek to the shop and back, as well as the amount of empty plastic bottles I had at the end of each week.

As usual, I did my research for weeks to find an alternative to the above, and to be honest there wasn’t much out there. Yes, there are plenty of pitchers, but none does what the LARQ Pitcher claims to do.

What makes the LARQ Pitcher special or stand out among the crowd?

The LARQ Pitcher uses a unique 2-step nano filter system and purification process, combined with a UV anti bacteria system/light. This so-called PureVis™ Wand also tracks how many times you have used it and gives you a warning via a LED light, when to change the filter.

This is unique and has several advantages over previous or other filtration systems. I will not go into too much detail here, but you can find more information about this on their website

There are two different filters, an essential filter and an advanced filter. These filters last up to 50% longer than those of other brands, filtering upto 60 gallons of water before the next replacement. In addition, the products used in these filters are plant-based and do not contain toxic chemicals.

While the water is being filtered, the UV light switches on and thereby kills bacteria and germs. It is claimed that it neutralizes up to 99%* of bacteria. The UV light switches on automatically when you fill the pitcher with water and it will run for a couple of minutes. Additionally, every 6 hours it will switch on again and ensure that no bacteria can survive inside the pitcher.

LARQ Advanced Filter
This is what the “Advanced” LARQ filter and its biodegradable packaging looks like.

Arrival of the LARQ Pitcher

It only took about a week until the pitcher arrived. I was curious to see how it would taste and if it was worth the money. The packaging was really outstanding and what I really liked was the fact that they used a biodegradable plastic to protect the pitcher. No more plastic waste, littering and destroying mother nature!

Here you can see the biodegradable plastic used for the packaging. It feels silky smooth and was a pleasant surprise.

The pitcher consists of the top part, where the water is poured in, and the lower see-through container in which the filtered water is collected. In addition, the the PureVis™ Wand is found inside the lid where the chip, sensor and the rechargeable battery are housed. Furthermore, there is a small detachable lid, inside the top part that keeps the filter in place. All is made from BPA-free premium-grade plastic which is light and sturdy. The filter is separate and can be placed in the center of the top part.

pieces of the larq pitcher
A good view of all the pieces of the pitcher. They all get stacked together, and then you have a lovely looking filter!

Using the LARQ Pitcher for the first time

As I mentioned, I have had the LARQ Pitcher for several months now and I must say I am very happy with it. When first using the pitcher, I would recommend that you give it a wash. One single filter is provided within the delivery and additional ones have to be bought separately. What filter is supplied depends on which one you choose, when buying the pitcher. In addition, it is recommended that you let the filter soak in water for about 10-15 minutes before using it the first time.

Once this is done, the pitcher needs to be filled up. After the water has been filtered, it needs to be poured away – and this has to be done every time a new filter gets added. Now it is ready to use.

I personally filled up the pitcher twice before using it. After that I started using it normally. I have to be honest the first time I tried it, I was not impressed. Naturally, it did taste different to what I was used to – bottled Volvic water! Nevertheless, I started to drink more and got used to it and now I have no issues at all. The taste is great and I wouldn’t go back. 

I never had any dirt or even algae accumulate in the pitcher itself. As I have opted for the advanced filter and monthly subscription, I get a new filter sent out to me every two months for 28 Euros. This has worked flawlessly, so far.

A short intro video to show you how to use the pitcher, fill it up and how the water filters through.

My Experience with the unusual Pitcher after several months

Overall, my experience with the LARQ pitcher has been a very good one. Not only has it saved me a lot of money, and endless trips to the shop every week. It has provided me with clean and good tasting drinking water. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who is looking for a solid water pitcher. It is a little pricey, yes, but you will definitely save money and time in the long run.

I have to mention here, that I am not able to check the claims the company LARQ has been making in regards to the ability of their product filtering out various different pollutants or contaminants etc. What I can say is that, their UV PureVis™ Wand, does switch on regularly during use and on a daily schedule. The taste has stayed consistent too. 

I replace the filter every two months, according to the LED light warning on top of the PureVis™Wand.  Here is a little word of advice, once the new filter is being used you need to reset the wand, for you to know when you need to replace it again. This can be easily done by pressing the button on top of the PureVis™Wand for 5 seconds until it blinks white. 


A suggestion I would make

One thing I did notice is that each filter seems to have a different pace in which it filters the water. This means that sometimes the UV light switches off, although the filtering process is still ongoing. Could this be an issue?

In my opinion the subscription is the way to go as it will save you time and money in the long run. I do not have to worry about ordering a new filter, as it gets sent to me every two months. In addition, the subscription is considerably cheaper than ordering a filter individually. 

If you should have any questions, comments or ideas, please do not hesitate and contact me here.


  • Beautiful design and look
  • Solid build and quality
  • It works as advertised


  • Price is above the competition
  • I am not able to check the advertised claims

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