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A few weeks ago I was looking for some nice summer shirts for my holiday in Spain. I decided to look at some of my favourite brands such as Blakely Clothing. Randomly, Blakely Clothing contacted me, and mentioned that they liked my previous article and if I was interested in writing another one – in exchange for 3 types of clothing of my choice. I replied and agreed under the condition that it will be an unbiased review – as all of my other ones.

For reference: I am 1.85m in height and I weigh 87kg and all three shirts are in size L. 

I selected three different shirts and these were sent to me within a few days. These are the shirts I chose for my trip:

  1. The Sorrento Polo Shirt in Navy 
  2. Furbank Fitted Stretch Shirt in Light Blue
  3. Pellaro Cord Shirt in Blue

The Sorrento Polo Shirt in Navy

I never really was a fan of polo shirts, but when I saw the Sorrento Polo shirt from Blakely – I needed it. It is my favourite colour too! I wore this polo shirt on my holiday in Bilbao, Spain. 

As to be expected, the quality of the Sorrento Polo Shirt is outstanding. It is well stitched with a thick fabric, which gives it a slight weight and keeps you warm. It also fits extremely well, around the arms, shoulders and stomach.This is definitely not your average polo shirt. Most importantly it looks very good – the main reason most people buy their clothes, right?

One of the advantages is that you do not need to iron it, a huge benefit, especially when you are travelling. Overall, if you are looking for a good, long-lasting quality Poloshirt then this is it!

The Furbank Fitted Stretch Shirt in Light Blue

This shirt is a true classic. You can wear it when going out, for events or just casually. You cannot go wrong with this timeless style, fit and look. As it is made of a stretchy fabric it fits perfectly and defines the shape of your upper body. I have noticed that if you wash it, hang it and let it dry you do not need to iron it – it is ready to wear. An advantage when you are on the go. In terms of quality, it is the same good quality I have been used to with all Blakely Clothing – it is very good.

The Pellaro Cord Shirt

So this is a special one. When I selected this shirt, it was not obvious to me that it was made from cord! I know it was listed in the product heading on their site, but I only looked at the images when ordering this one. You either hate or love cord – for me, I am not a big fan. Nevertheless, the shirt is still of good quality and looks fantastic. As it is cord, it is a slightly thicker material. This means that it will be much warmer when wearing, so keep that in mind. I would recommend wearing this more towards the evening, when temperatures drop.

It is also a good shirt for the transitioning months between Summer and Autumn. This cord shirt does need ironing before you can wear it. It has a more rustic feel to it and will keep you warm on cooler days. It is also ideal to layer over shirts.

My experience with the Blakely Clothing Shirts

Overall, I am still impressed with the Blakely Clothing line up. I have tested all three shirts, over several weeks, in different geographical locations. I would like to mention that these shirts are more appropriate for the cooler months since the fabrics are a bit heavier. The design, fabric, cut, fit, quality and look are fantastic. The sizing was true to my size L. This is easy to understand when looking at my photos and video.

The buttons are thick and thoroughly attached to each shirt. Each shirt looks the part, the thread is thick and strong. All three shirts can be worn for work in the office or for an evening out. They can be worn casually during the day with shorts as well as in the evening with long trousers. They look good tucked in or left out. I have washed them several times and they have retained their size, fit and look. This is a really important feature of any good quality shirt. 

The pricing is about 50 Euros per shirt and I would purchase these shirts again. In my opinion they are worth the price. The online purchase and the delivery was easy and unproblematic for me.

If you have any questions please let me know and contact me here.


  • Beautiful design, fit and look
  • Solid quality


  • None so far

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